How do you write a successful article that attracts the reader?

How do you write a successful article that attracts the reader?

There is usually a question on the minds of many article writers, and this question is: How do you write a successful article that attracts the reader? Writing articles depends on the writer's style and the content of the article, so we will explain in the following lines how to write a successful article that attracts readers.

What is the article?

The article is prose written in an easy and simple style. The number of words in the article may reach approximately 10,000 words, bearing in mind that it does not exceed that number. It is preferable that the article is on a specific topic and does not contain many ideas.

Steps to write the article:

Determine the purpose of the article:

You must define your goal in writing the article so as not to waste your time and the time of your readers.

Determine the idea of the article:

 Determining the idea of the article is the most important element of its elements because the entire article is based on the idea, so the idea of the article must be strong and attractive to the reader in order to read the entire article.

Get a good idea for article writing:

There are several ways to get ideas, including the following:

Public opinion issues.


  1. Dealing with people and mixing with them.
  2. Social networking sites press, and media outlets.
  3. But after defining the idea, do not rush to write the article.
  4. Wait until the idea crystallizes in your mind from all sides.
Research and information gathering:

You should search online well about the idea of the topic you have chosen before you start writing, and read about it in references and books in order for your article to be complete from all angles, in addition to determining the importance of the article for you and the reader.

The writer should be satisfied with the information he gathered from the research when he sees the information being repeated in front of him.

Article title:

The writer of the article must be very careful when choosing the title, as the title must be attractive. In addition, it is necessary to specify the title of his article at the beginning to prevent divergence of ideas on the topic, and it is preferable that the title contains several things, including the following:

The presence of an interrogative tool at the beginning of the title such as: (how?), (when?), and (why?).

The number of title words should not exceed 10 words.

Briefly describe the content of the article.

Introduction to the article:

There is no article without an introduction. The introduction must be brief and attractive in order to motivate the writer to the topic and arouse his enthusiasm to read the rest of the article.

Article body:

The body of the article is to explain the title of the article, but by stating all the information that the title revolves around in a simple and detailed manner, but it should be noted that there are several notes that you should follow in order to write the body of the article well, and these notes are:

Divide the article into several paragraphs.
  1. Organize ideas logically.
  2. Sentences should not be long.
  3. Use plain and simple words.
Divide the article into several paragraphs.

It is the last thing written in the article, and it is a comprehensive and brief summary of the article, and the conclusion must be in the form of bullet points or in the form of only one paragraph, and it is worth noting that the writer can add his opinion to it.

At the end of the article, I have mentioned the steps that you should follow if you are a fan of writing articles or if you are a beginner writer and do not know where to start writing a successful and attractive article, and if you benefit from the article, share it with those who wish to enter the world of writing articles.

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