speak English with kids

speak English with kids

First of all, children can not learn long sentences easily. So you have to use shorter sentences. The sentences I will teach you today are short and very simple. They are built by just two or three words. Despite they are simple and short, they are very important and useful. They can use them anywhere at home or school or street. As well as these sentences will make you speak faster and more efficiently. Just keep practicing them with your kids. Also, they are so useful for you too. This will improve your English.

How to speak English with kids?

Ex: Don't ask.. when someone asks you a lot or about everything.

Ex. Don't ask me about this subject. 

Ask me.. when you have knowledge about something and others do not.

Ex: Ask me whatever you want to know about. 

Speak up.. Use it with your child to allow them to tell you what they want. 

Ex: If you see anything you want just speak up. 

Speak softly. When kids scream out loud, you will use it to speak with low sound.

Ex: speak softly if you want me to listen to you. 

Speak slowly. You can use it when someone speaks very fast and you can not follow them.

Ex: Excuse me I can't follow you up. Could you speak slowly, please? 

Don't shout. This one is clear you will use it if someone shouts and you want them to speak with a lower sound.

Ex: Don't shout if you want to go to the park. 

Keep quiet. You will say this one to somebody if he/she was nervous.

Ex: Keep quiet! Your father is sleeping. 

Stop talking.. Use it with your child or anybody else if he or she is speaking a lot, or if you don't want to hear any sound.

Ex: Stop talking! I want to focus. 

A little louder. You can use it when your kids sit down to read.

Ex: I can't hear you, read a little louder. 

Don't mumble. If someone speaks unclearly beside you. 

Ex: Do you complain that others mumble or speak unclearly? 

Don't cry again. If your child is crying for something you can use these words.

Ex: No Laila. Please don't cry again it's good for you. 

Use your mind. If you give a quiz and want them to do it by themselves. 

Ex: Use your mind instead of using the calculator. 

Think about it. When you want someone to think carefully. 

Ex: You should think about it seriously. 

Watch carefully. 

Ex: The baby will walk now, watch carefully. 

Study here.

Ex: Study here its more quiet.

Hold the line. When you call someone and you want him to wait for you. 

Ex: Hold the line, please. I will come back soon. 

Try again.

Ex: Maybe you should try again later. 

Sit up straight. You can say this at mealtime.

Ex: That means no slouching or lounging- sit up straight during meals. 

Have food.

Ex: We have food at our home. 

Have water.

Ex: We have water just for one day. 

Eat slowly.

Ex: If the food is too much, eat slowly. 

Chew well.

Ex: Chew well when you eat. 

Have your breakfast.

Go straight.

Ex: If you go straight you will find the bus station  

Don't go.

Ex: Don't go there, it's too dangerous. 

Wake up.

Ex: Wake up. It's your school's time. 

Clean up.

Ex: Clean up the table. 

Wait for me.

Ex: Don't go now, wait for me. 

Call him.

Walk slowly.

Ex: You are so fast, walk slowly. 

Bolt the door.

Ex: Just bolt the door when I am not here. 

Don't peep.

Walk properly.

All are gone.

Far from here.

Say so.

Don't be shy...

Don't boast.

You have all these sentences that I taught you today you can use them with anyone.

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